Monday, November 29, 2010

FRAZZLED, Rather than Dazzled, by the Holidays?

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

I just finished an online course with Dr. Lisa Chu and I really enjoyed it, especially because I did it all at my own pace.  Lisa is a life coach and also writes a blog which can be found at

We were talking about some of the stress that people feel during the holidays and she decided to create a new online course called, "12 Days of Holiday Sanity:  How to Stay Sane in the Midst of Holiday Craziness".  It starts on Monday, December 13th and runs for 12 days.  The course prices and registration are at the link below and Lisa is offering a $5 discount off both of the Early Bird offer prices to Oxygen members. Enter discount code: "oxygen".

The course information is below.


FRAZZLED, rather than dazzled, by the holidays?

If you, like me, have suffered from overwhelm and joyless holiday seasons in the past, try this course! I will share with you some new ways of thinking, and new ways of taking action, that will help you transform stress into greater harmony with your true self, during the holidays and beyond! - Dr. Lisa Chu, life coach

This course delivers 12 daily doses of practical wisdom to help you reclaim your own joy during the holiday season, no matter how crazy it gets.
It's like having a daily coaching session to help you maintain your peace and clarity through the holidays, within the privacy and convenience of your own computer, iPad, or web-enabled smart phone, and at an INSANELY affordable price.
If you have ever experienced overwhelm, dread, emotional volatility, and high levels of stress around the holidays, this course is for you!
Receive 12 daily lessons about how to deal with common stressful holiday scenarios such as:
               being triggered by family members
               feeling pressured to keep up with holiday rituals and activities (cards, decorations, parties,  gifts)
               not honoring your own needs and ending up exhausted, instead of joyful, by year's end
               dreading or avoiding holiday family gatherings altogether
               feeling obligated rather than grateful
               annual "replay" of old familiar patterns of behavior and conversations
               handling "difficult" people and awkward situations with greater ease

Online course, with 12 lessons, each link delivered daily to your inbox.

Lessons are completed at your own pace, so no worries about "falling behind" or showing up for class on time!

Media include written materials, a daily audio MP3 podcast, downloadable worksheets, and videos.

Utilize these lessons throughout the year, whenever you need a dose of sanity in your life! You will retain unlimited access to the course website and lessons.

Discussion forum and real-time online feedback from classmates and instructor for the duration of the 12-day course.