Friday, March 04, 2011

When Life Doesn't Make an Appointment

I had the strangest dream the other night.  It was so clear and so real; I can tell you every detail of it, but I won’t.
I will describe it briefly.  I was standing in our den and a contractor walked in out of the blue and told me he had been working on the plans for the den and he was here to start work.
I was shocked.  We are not doing work on our den, I have no intention of doing so, and what the heck was he doing walking in on me with NO appointment.  It was one thing that I didn’t even want work done and didn’t hire him in any way, shape or form.
But, the thing that really infuriated me was that he had the nerve to enter my life without an appointment.  I am not even that busy, but you don’t just waltz in whenever you like without giving me advance notice and allowing me to prepare for whatever it is.
HA!  I told him, “Get out!  You need an appointment to see me”.  He said, “I do what I want and I don’t ‘do’ appointments”.
Now, I know that sounds silly, but I figured out what he represented and why he caused me such angst.
He represented those things in life that happen without an appointment.  I don’t get  to schedule them.  They just happen.  I can’t tell them I don’t want them and they have to go away.  They have the upper hand.  When life deals you blows or changes that you don’t want, or have not prepared for or scheduled, tough luck.
I have plans.  I have always had plans, but it is only now that I am coming to realize that I may have plans, but not control.
When I told a friend of mine about this dream, he said a contractor is there to tear the present down and build up the future.  Wow, I didn’t even see that!
Another friend of mine says she has learned how to live life like a willow.  I love that image.  It is a beautiful way to describe the incorporation of flexibility and acceptance into your life.
I haven’t seen my contractor lately, but I feel more prepared to tangle with him next time he stops by.
My dream taught me two things:  you REALLY can’t plan everything and you need to learn to live peacefully with that concept AND tell a friend about your dreams and they may see things that you completely missed.