Friday, April 08, 2011

Oh Life

I really enjoy writing a journal and I usually find a beautiful notebook to write in, but a month or so ago, I started writing in an online journal.  I am sure there are lots of them out there, but the one I use is OhLife.
Every morning, I get an email that prompts me to write something (you can set what time of day and how often you get the email).  My favorite part is that the email starts with something that I have written on another day.  I hardly ever look back at what I have written in my notebook journal, so this is a new pleasure for me.
I don’t know if it’s just seeing my journal entry in such a lovely online form or the fact that I have been traveling and it’s fun to write online rather than pull out a journal, but I think I am beginning to prefer the online version.
By the way, don't forget to log out if you would like to keep your journal private...

Let me know if you have an online journal that you have enjoyed.