Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last week, I had a chance to see the movie, “Bridesmaids”.  At the beginning, I thought it would just be a female version of the “Hangover” with a lot of raunchy scenes; but, in the end, it surprised me and I liked it very much.
What I enjoyed was the authenticity of the writing.  Throughout the movie, I was reminded of two concepts that I have come to consider as principles of life.
One principle is the way that true friends know you and, at some point, refuse to let you live a lie or a way of life that isn’t true to your core.  Real friends know that it’s more important to call you on something than let you go ahead and live your life in denial of something you refuse to see.  Sometimes, life is hard and it’s easier to pretend that certain things in your life are not happening.  That’s when those true friends come in and gently (often not so gently) remind you of what you are doing or or not doing.
The second principle is that things are not always as they seem.  Many times, we live our lives feeling that we have not achieved as much as others or that “they” are so much happier than “we” are.  It may look like life is “perfect” for others and that we are somehow running behind; but, often times, the “behind the scene” look is not so perfect or so happy.  That does not mean we should ever take pleasure in someone else’s misery, but it’s just a reminder that we all have our issues and that being happy on our own journey is what is most important.  Comparing ourselves to others is a waste of time, mostly because all we see is the outside.
Anyway, I liked “Bridesmaids” and I enjoyed the special place that women’s friendships play in our lives.  These friendships provide the support and joy that help us through life’s ups and downs.  They are indispensable.
Let me know if you have seen the movie and what thoughts you had.