Saturday, July 07, 2012

Where The Magic Happens

Venn diagram with two disjoint circles: a small one labelled "Your comfort zone" and a larger one labelled "Where the magic happens"

Where the magic happens.  In the last decade, every single time I have stretched myself and left the comfort zone, magic has happened.  I am not saying it was easy or comfortable, but magic happened.  In relationships, in jobs, no matter what, the experience was consistent.  Opening myself up to possibilities and taking chances has turned “existing” into really “living”.  
Over the years, I have written many times about leaving my comfort zone.  I think that is because as you reach mid-life, it is easier to ask the question, “why not?”.  If not now, when?
I am most surprised that I can be extremely brave in some aspects of my life and totally fearful in others.  It doesn’t even occur to me to be frightened in certain things I do and then in others, I can’t stop worrying about what taking a chance will mean.
I just know that the leaps and bounds I make in growing as a person are always in the circle on the left.  The circle on the right is just a holding pattern or, many times, a place to go backwards.
I love the image and the words above for two reasons.  First, the circles don’t meet.  There is no in between. Second, I am drawn to the emotions that I feel when I read the words that describe not being in your comfort zone.  It’s not just that it’s good for you to stretch yourself.  It’s not just that it helps you grow as a person.  It’s “where magic happens”.  I love that because I may be afraid to leave my comfort zone, but I am never too scared to go where magic happens.
Think back on your own life and experiences.  Did magic ever happen while you were in  your comfort zone?  When has magic happened?  Just thoughts that might make your days just a little bit better or a little less comfortable.