Sunday, October 07, 2012

What’s New in Online Learning

There is an explosion of change in the world of learning these days.  It is in online education.

I have been spending some extra time down at Stanford these days and because of being on campus, I have been exposed to what is happening online.

Many universities are stepping into this new universe.  One of the best sites to visit to explore this new world is Coursera.

Coursera was founded by two Stanford computer science professors, Professor Daphne Koller and Professor Andrew Ng.

Coursera has compiled amazing courses from universities all over the world. This fall, I will be taking “Think Again: How to Reason and Argue” by two professors at Duke University.  

In the past, online learning has been predominantly oriented towards math and science courses, but now more humanities and other liberal arts’ subjects are available. 
The way courses are being taught online is revolutionary and Coursera is one of the reasons for those changes.

An online course that is near and dear to my heart is called “A Crash Course on Creativity”.  It’s being taught by Professor Tina Seelig, one of my favorite professors at Stanford. Tina is beyond energizing in her teaching style.  I love her in the classroom and now you can have a chance to experience her as well.

“A Crash Course on Creativity”  is free (as are all these courses).  It is offered through the  “ Stanford Technology Ventures” program.

I think this is a wonderful opportunity to find out more about a subject that touches all of our lives and also to experience a class that, up until now, was only for Stanford students.