Thursday, November 08, 2012

Do it Anyway: Creating a Life of Passionate Action

I had such a good time earlier this year taking the Continuing Education class at Stanford called "Do it Anyway:  Creating a Life of Passionate Action" that I had to let you know it is being offered again.  It is being offered at Stanford January 15th - February 19th in the evenings.

I am a huge fan of Professor John Krumboltz and Ryan Babineaux who are teaching the course.  

When I took the class this year, I met some wonderful people, took some chances, and had a lot of fun.  Most importantly, the class helped me shift how I look at life.

You can get more info here:  "Do It Anyway" or at Stanford Continuing Studies.

If you live anywhere near Stanford, I highly recommend taking this course.  It changed my life in many ways!