Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 2010!

Well, I thought as with the last two years, I would find some article
that would epitomize my take on the coming year. It seems, though,
that a new year and a new decade warrant a fresh from my
heart, not someone else's.

You probably already do this, but I think the new year is such an
amazing opportunity to think about what makes you content and what
does not. Just as I believe the oxygen mask has to go on you first,
I have come to believe that leading a life where you are in sync with
your own values or "being true to yourself" is what makes you the
best person you can be for all those around you. I also believe that
this is how I want my children to live their lives and when I live
anything but an in sync life, it doesn't set the right example for them.

I have thought so much about where I was in 2000. I am not the same
person that I was and my world is much more in transition than it was
then. Ten years ago, I thought I knew what was ahead, but I was
wrong. It was a decade fraught with experiences that I never
expected and those that changed me forever.

My children were just that, children. Now, they are grown men. They
are beginning their own paths in life and I think I am about to begin
a new one too.

So, here are some things I have learned about myself.

I hate rushing.

I hate being busy all the time.

I really hate being stressed and worried.

I hate not appreciating all that I have and all the wonderful moments
in life.

For 10 years, I spent a good portion of my time running around crazed.

But turning 50 and entering a new decade, has also brought me
profound joy because I know exactly what I love.

I love having the most amazing friends and family whose support is
there for me each and every day.

I love being still and finally hearing what my heart has been telling
me for years (and I was too busy to listen).

I love meditating.

I love being at Farmer's Markets and seeing, touching, smelling, and
finally, eating all the incredible fruits and vegetables.

I love speaking French and traveling to foreign countries.

I love writing.

I love being at the beach and being calmed by the beauty of the waves.

I love watching my yellow lab run through the grass just for the pure
joy of it.

I love walking in the hills as fast as I can with my iPod playing
songs that I love.

I love helping people and, hopefully, helping them avoid pain that I
have felt.

I love all those things and I love the fact that I can do many of
those things any time that I want.

I love the fact that I am finally noticing all the things I love and
making sure they are a part of my life.

I can't wait for 2010 because I know it's the year and the beginning
of a decade when my heart will be leading me, not my head.

I have waited for this time for a lifetime.

I wish you all a wonderful year ahead and the absolute joy of hearing
your heart speak to you and following your dreams.

The best thing about listening to your heart is that you are never

My only resolution this year is to stay true to myself. I wish the
same for you.

Happy New Year!