Friday, January 01, 2010

10 Questions to Ask Yourself

I am not letting you all off the hook so easily without a bit of thought work going into 2010.  Check out the questions below and try and answer them for yourself.  Whether you are making New Year's resolutions or not, your answers to these questions will give you ideas of what you want for yourself this year!
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I love the phrase "Entre Nous".  It means between us in French.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself that will radically change your view of 2009:

1) Whom did I meet this year who is now in my life?
2) What emotion really caused me to grow? Courage? Faith?
3) What emotion was I unafraid to feel? Fear? Sadness?
4) What am I most proud of?
5) In what area of my life did I really make some progress?
6) What did I do that completely surprised me and was unexpected to me?
7) Whom did I really help?
8) What is the biggest lesson I really faced?
9) What am I most grateful for?
10) What were the most fun times I had?

Be gentle on yourself and light on life.