Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letting Go of Anger and Bitterness

I sometimes think about how I feel when someone I love or trust has been unkind to me.  I feel betrayed and angry and, many times, I let the anger eat me up.  But, as I get older, I can feel what a total waste of my energy it is to be angry with them.   Often times, I think maybe it's my fault even though I am not sure what I have even done to cause them to act the way they have.

What I have learned is how many times it's not what I have done or even that the event involved is that important.  Many times, it's just what the other person is going through in their own lives.  They are unhappy (no fault of mine) and it's hard for them to really live their life and relate to those they love or trust in the way they know they should.

This little story epitomizes that thought and now I try to remember it when I feel hurt or betrayed by someone I love or even someone I don't know that well.  It reminds me that, generally speaking, when someone's life is going well they don't hurt those around them.  It is usually when they are truly hurting that they hurt those around them.

The link to the full article is cited below.


Letting go of anger and bitterness can work wonders for both your attitude and your health, not to mention your relationships. 

A wise woman and her young disciple were walking down the street. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an angry man in a carriage drove haphazardly by the two, insensitively pushing the woman out of his way. She landed in a ditch filled with muddy water. The woman yelled after the man in the carriage, "May you have everything you want!" The disciple, surprised by the wise woman's response, said: "I'm confused. Why did you say that to a man with such horrible behavior?" The woman replied, "Because a happy man wouldn't have thoughtlessly pushed a woman into a ditch."