Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Talking With Heroines Teleseminar - 4/13

This is from Susanna Liller, the founder of Ruby Slippers:

“Roll up your sleeves – midlife is your best and last chance to become the real you!”  Denise Benatar

Talking with Heroines Teleseminar is on Tuesday, April 13, from 4:00 - 5:00 PM pacific standard time and will feature Denise Benatar.

You can check out and subscribe to Denise's blog at http://entrenoususa.blogspot.com.

Denise is a connector. Thank goodness she’s a connector or else we wouldn’t have met! (We’ll tell you the how we met story on the 13th) Based in San Francisco, she runs an online network for women in transition.  Denise was a lawyer who began to go through her own transitions.  She left her career because she knew she “didn’t want to do anything anymore that didn’t hit my core.”  She felt lost after she abandoned her career so she reached out to others and discovered a community of amazing women.   She has created her network because she wants women to know that they are not alone. “I have opened up an unbelievable world for myself.” 

Her dream is to connect women across the country with others who also are feeling lost and aren’t sure about what they want to do so they can be support and a resource to one another.Denise’s blog is a huge resource.  I have sent her articles, videos, tips and recommendations to hundreds of women.  The more she sends out, the more people send resource ideas back to her.  Her library is vast.  

We’re all going through transitions – for different reasons – and the transitions are all different – and they are happening at different speeds for different people - but the journey is the same.  It’s the journey that takes us back to who we really are…the journey to authenticity…The Heroine’s Journey. 

Please join us as we talk with Denise about her heroine’s journey, her experiences with her network of women and how we all have such a hard time believing in ourselves!  Tuesday, April 13th, 4-5:00 PM pacific standard time. 

There are so many of you Heroines out there - on your path, or on your way to finding it. The Journey (that's life's journey) has many challenges and the road can be hard. What I've found through my Heroine's Journey classes (as Denise has found through her network) is that it really helps if you know there are others like you, - that you're not alone!  This is my inspiration for offering these free teleseminars - for us to know we're all in this together - the journey of self-development and personal growth. 

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This is a FREE seminar, but please email me susanna@susannaliller.com  to sign up for this teleseminar and receive the call in information and handout which has a lot of great information from Denise.   

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