Saturday, June 05, 2010

Phone Interview with Dr. Lisa Chu - June 8th @ 4PM Pacific time

Susanna Liller is a friend and mentor of mine who lives in Maine and has been leading workshops, coaching, and interviewing accomplished women across the country who have chosen different paths.  Her next phone interview will be Tuesday, June 8th, at 4:00 PM Pacific Time.  It runs one hour and is free. To sign up for the the call, go to Susanna's website and register:

Susanna will be interviewing Dr. Lisa Chu.  You can read more about her below.

If you cannot sit in on the call, you can email Susanna directly at and she will send you the interview by email to listen to at your convenience.  I have met both Susanna and Lisa personally and I am sure this will be a very interesting interview.  

June 8, 2010 Dr. Lisa Chu

Lisa and Susanna Liller met in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She keeps crossing that first threshold and starting new journey adventures – each time learning and growing.  Dr. Lisa Chu, founder of The Music Within US, is an experienced performer, educator, and creative entrepreneur, and now offers her gifts through facilitated self exploration adventures in music.  Harvard-educated and familiar with conventional routes to success and status in professional roles, Lisa has also taken the bold leaps of faith necessary to learn the power of following the voice in her own heart.  Her musical experience began at the age of three, with classical piano and violin training, including performances at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, for Pope John Paul ll at the Vatican, and in Moscow for Boris Yeltsin.  Lisa has an A.B. with honors in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard University, and an M.D. from the University of Michigan Medical School.  She has worked as an investment professional at a venture capital firm, and created her own violin school for young children in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Most recently, she has received training in the methodologies of Martha Beck Life Coaching, Gail Larsen’s Real Speaking ©, and California Institute of Integral Studies’ Sound Voice & Healing Program.