Friday, October 14, 2011

The Art of Learning

I am obsessively drawn to insatiably, curious people.  I love people who are always learning new things.  They enhance my life and make me feel incredibly young.
As I look for new directions for myself, careerwise and other, I find that these types of people give me hope and energy.  They are all ages and both genders.  When you find someone who is crazy curious about life and learning new things, I say, “Grab them!”.  
Grab them, watch them, spend time with them, and learn from them.
The more I am with people like this, the more I believe that learning new things and being open to learning new things are the keys to staying mentally young.
I love this article, “The Art of Learning”, from the Think Simple Now blog.  Here is a snippet. You can read the full article online.

“In the 20 minutes of witnessing learning in full effect at the Apple Store, I felt deeply inspired. The man, although had 50 years on me, carried the energetic spirit of an 18-year-old.
Perhaps we take for granted the opportunity to learn, to evolve with change, to expand & grow, and to challenge ourselves to see the details of life with new wonderment.
Maybe we miss an empowering conversation in the grocery story line because we are too busy thinking about the next three errands ahead.
Or we miss the chance to reframe a current, frustrating situation with a friend’s refreshing perspective because keeping-in-touch hasn’t been a priority.
Or we miss the opportunity to deepen our compassion for a family member who needs us because we haven’t picked up the phone in months—simply to ask, “Hey, how’ve you been? What’s new?
Or the book, the class, the certification, the travel adventure we’ve decided to put off until tomorrow because it’s easier to delay than to take action.
When we decide to put off events, conversations, and the opportunity to life-learn, we also take for granted the amazing people, teachers, and lessons available in our expansive world, ready to arm us with more vibrant, meaningful experiences.
Today, we can choose to open our thoughts, perspective, and time to create space for growth—our own growth.”