Monday, October 03, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

I want to be more patient NOW!  I am so envious of patient people.  When I get really excited about something, I don’t like waiting.  Patient people seem calmer and able to take things more in stride.
In the following article, “How to Be More Patient”*, the author analyzes what’s behind being impatient.  I like his take on it because it helped me change my view of life, not just learn how to wait for things to happen.
As he describes below, if you truly feel as if you can handle whatever comes your way, you lose the angst that comes with impatience.
I would add to the article that not clinging to expectations of what “should” happen is very helpful as well. If you are not attached to any particular outcome, whatever happens, works.  
None of this is easy because many times we are changing life long tendencies; but, it’s never too late to start.

“If you know the root cause behind the issue or problem, you can target it and rather than just quiet the problem, completely destroy it.
Patience is clearly linked to someone’s level of confidence. Impatience usually appears when one feels let down, when you don't feel in control, or perhaps feel that your hands are tied. You want something to happen now, but you cannot seem to do anything to speed things up. A person with plentiful levels of confidence will accept the situation as it is; they will not fight it or rail against it. Rather, they will work with it.
Patience gives you confidence and confidence allows a person to see a situation clearly and to look for different options.
As you begin to think you can do something, you find a way to do it. When you think you cannot do something, you do not even look for those options and opportunities; this leads to frustration and frequent waves of impatience.
If you want to actually become more patient, you must become more confident about who you are, and believe that even if things go wrong, you will be ready to tackle the problems head on."
*I have taken the liberty of editing this article.