Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Entre Nous Reader Suggestions

I would like to periodically pass on suggestions from Entre Nous readers. Here is a book suggestion and a note about a start-up that another reader is in the process of launching.

Both items have an underlying motivation to make the world a better place...

Thanks, Denise

1) From a Southern California reader:

"Half The Sky", by Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl Wu Dunn, might be a life-changing book.  It is a global call to help empower women around the world. Whatever your personal challenges might be, this book is a jolting reminder of what most of us take for granted every single day: our freedom to create any life we want.  This book is truly inspirational!  Good for George Washington University for considering it important enough to require it for incoming freshman.

Here is the website for the book and the organization behind it:  http://www.halftheskymovement.org

2)  From a SF Bay Area member:

Stacey Horowitz, an Entre Nous reader, has founded a site called Shopping for Change, a non profit corporation, which works with talented artisans throughout the developing world, delivering extraordinary, handmade contemporary designs created using age-old artisanal traditions.  Her site helps lift these artisans and their communities out of poverty and hunger, thereby improving their standards of living in an economically sustainable way.  Shopping for Change will partner with public charities for fundraising purposes.

She is holding a beta launch/focus group and sale of merchandise on September 19th at 4:00.  If you are interested in helping her with feedback or seeing the merchandise, go to this link to get more information:

or contact Stacey at stacey@shoppingforachange.org