Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vacation Rental Sites

I know many of you out there are expert travelers, so this may not be news to you.  I usually stay in hotels, but I thought I would try a rental off one of the new websites that are available. Unlike CraigsList, there are reviews by people who have stayed there before and a great deal of standardized information.  In addition, you can take out insurance in case you are afraid of losing your money.

Anyway, I tried it for the first time in Manhattan Beach and I may never stay at a hotel again. You can rent by the night, week, or month just about anywhere in the world. even has the site set up by community groups (such as college alumni groups).

I have listed the various sites below.  The first two are the ones with which I am most familiar.  If you want to add to the list or let the group know what kinds of experiences you have had, let me know and I will post the comment.