Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nourishing Your Soul in the San Francisco Bay Area

"Nourishing Your Soul"

I have heard this phrase many times.  I have never really thought that hard about it, but it means more to me now.  It means filling that ineffable void that you feel.  You don't know what is missing.  You just know something is missing.  There are different ways to nourish your soul and I imagine it's different for every "soul".  But, one of the great things about getting to know yourself better is that you begin to learn more about what nourishes your own soul.

When it happens, you are in the present and just enjoying where you are and who you are with because it's just where you want to be.

Last week, I was definitely "nourishing my soul".  If you haven't been there and you love food, please go see the "New" Berkeley Bowl (there are two and I recommend the new one).  This is a market that touches all my senses.  For me, 25 kinds of apples, 7 kinds of avocados, cheeses galore, bread fresh out of the oven, fresh fish and poultry, this is what makes my heart beat.  This is an extraordinary market with so many choices of so many wonderful tastes that it can be overwhelming, but take your chances.  There is also a cafe next door.  There is plenty of parking and it is easy to get to from the freeway.

Next, is a suggestion from an Oxygen member who I highly respect.  She suggests not missing the Cartier Exhibit at the Legion of Honor.  She says she has been to many exhibits, but this one is truly outstanding.  It's now on my list.  She also suggested using the headsets on this exhibit.

I hope you will find some wonderful things to do this week that will nourish your soul.   I know one thing:  when my soul is starving, it needs to be fed.

Happy Valentine's Day.